about amusetec

AMuseTec Co., Ltd.

AMuseTec stands for 'Amusing Technology of the Muse', the goddess of Art & Science from the Greek Mythology.

The primary goal of AMuseTec Co., Ltd. is to make musicians have better tools whenever they perform or practice or study music. We are looking for the best way to provide those useful tools by developing music recognition technology.

Who we are - music lovers

AMuseTec people have various backgrounds in piano, music education, computer, electronics, acoustics and etc. Our experiences encompass not only the knowledge in music production but also actual performance in classic piano, jazz piano, guitar and other instruments.

We love music!

Digital Sheet Music Technology

Digital Sheet Music Technology helps a computer to display sheet music on a screen and to cover any inconvenience from using paper sheet music, like a page-turning. AMuseTec has developed this digital sheet music technology for ten years since 2000.

Music Recognition Technology

Music recognition technology enables a machine or a computer to listen to the music and recognize its contents in a similar way as human ear and brain do. As people detect pitch of notes, and tempo and volume of the music, artificial intelligence software emulates human's music recognition process by means of digital signal processing.